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Balloon Tips & Ideas
Balloons are the most cost-effective way to transform a room and make it feel like a celebration; to add touches of your theme colors throughout a room, or; if a room has very high ceilings, to bring the focal point down and create a warmer environment. However, there are definitely tricks and tips for blowing up your balloons and to create those fabulous balloon looks like the professionals. Please Remember 1 very important thing: Latex balloons should not be inflated more than 4 hours before your event.

1. How should I inflate my balloons?...
2. When should I inflate my balloons?...
3. Blowing your balloons up yourself? Some tips to make the process easier...
4. How do I arrange a balloon bouquet like the pros and what are some professional tips for decorating with my balloons?...
5. Are there any things I should be aware of if I am using my balloons outside?...

Options for inflating helium balloons
You have 2 choices - Buy a disposible helium tank and do it yourself, or take them to your local drugstore, card shop or party store and they will generally inflate them for a small fee

Disposible helium tanks cost about $24.99, blow up about 30-40 11" balloons and can be purchased at a party store, Target, Walmart or a big box store like BJ's or Costco. If you are taking them to be inflated and you are in a rush, call ahead to make sure that they can blow them up when you get there or you may have to come at a specific time or pick them up later. Set To Celebrate always sends pre-cut ribbon that matches your balloons perfectly. Give them the ribbon and tell them that this is the ribbon you want them to use. Also, always have them leave about 9 inches at the end of the knot for curling (see tip #3.). This is a quick finishing touch that really makes the difference between an average and professional look to your party.

Timing for inflating helium balloons so that they are flying high for your party
If you are inflating your balloons youself, keep in mind that blowing up your balloons will be one of your most time consuming party-prep activities. Allow for at least 5 minutes per balloon for blowing-up, tying and arranging. It sounds like a lot of time, but trust us, it goes fast.

Latex balloons should not be inflated more than 4 hours before your event - they will begin to deflate. Mylar balloons can be inflated 12 hours before your event and will often still be flying high 24 hours later. If you need to keep them flying high for a longer amout of time, have them blown up professionally using "Hi-Float". Not all party stores will have this available and there will likely be an extra charge.

Whatever you do, make sure that your balloons are filled to their recommended capacity or they will not last.

Making your balloon blowing experience quick, easy and painless:
Choose a room with low ceilings and no exposed lights. There is nothing worse than spending time blowing up your balloons only to lose some of them up to the ceiling. Make sure you can retrieve them without the strings attached. Never blow up your balloons outside!

- How do you tie knots in a balloon without killing your fingers and losing helium? This is a really great and very simple trick to protect your fingers...Put Scotch tape or surgical tape around the tip of your finger. You will protect the skin and the balloon will slide off easily.

Hold the balloon under your arm, against your body or between your legs so you have 2 hands to tie the string on. Make a loose tie with the string, slip it over the balloon knot and pull tight. We like to leave 9" to 12" of ribbon on the short side of the knot which we curl by running it across the blade of a pair of scissors. It is a wonderful finishing touch vs. having a short piece of ribbon sticking off the balloon knot. If you buy your balloons as part of a Set To Celebrate Party Package or Table Topper Package, you balloon ribbon will come pre-curled...we like details.

How to get that finished, fabulous look without a professional
Blow your balloons up to their full size. Our latex balloons are 11" (based on the height of the balloon when blown up). You want to inflate them to their full size for the best color. You also want all your balloons to be as close to the same size as possible. This will give you the most finished, professional look.

Grouping you balloons for a bouquet: You should group your balloons in odd numbers - 3s and 5s are the best. Do not use more than 2 colors in a bouquet, unless the third color is an accent color like white, ivory, silver or gold. In a 5 balloon bouquet, 3 balloons should be one color and 2 the second color.

In a balloon bouquet, each balloon should be the equivalent of 1/2 a balloon higher than the previous one - in other words, the second balloon's knot would be at the middle of the first balloon.

Using Mylar Balloons in your bouquet.If you are using a mylar theme balloon in the bouquet, you should use either 2 or 4 latex ballooons with it. If you are using 4, use 2 of each of your other colors.

finishing off the ends of the strings

Decorating with your balloons. Don't spread your balloons too thinly throughout the room.

Be careful that they are not too low as don't want them to obstruct peoples' views of the party.

Make sure that all the balloon bouquets are the same size throughout the room unless you have balloon centerpieces and want to use smaller balloon bouquets around the room to pull eveything together.

Starting from the center of the room and working your way out or back, or starting in the center and working your way out all around the center.

Finally, you will need to anchor your balloons to something - tying balloons on chair backs, using balloons outside to identify your house,

What should I know about using balloons outside
Will weather effect my balloons in any way? Yes, balloons will not stay inflated as long in hot weather. This is another time that using Hi-Float can increase how long the balloons will stay inflated to capacity. (See "Tip 2" - When should I inflate my balloons)

Should I release my balloons after the party? Latex balloons are made of a biodegradable substance and can be released safely, however, mylar balloons are not environmentally safe and should be deflated and disposed of.

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