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Bris for Twins - (Teddy Bear Theme)

Bris for Twins - (Teddy Bear Theme)Bris for Twins - (Teddy Bear Theme)Bris for Twins - (Teddy Bear Theme)Bris for Twins - (Teddy Bear Theme)Bris for Twins - (Teddy Bear Theme)Bris for Twins - (Teddy Bear Theme)
Bris for Twins - (Teddy Bear Theme)
If you are interested in the DIAPER CAKE CENTERPIECE FOR TWINS shown in this party, please call Party Support at 646-383-8497 or e-mail us at Centerpiece is available with 2 Blue Bears, 2 Pink Bears, 2 Yellow Bears, 1 Pink & 1 Blue Bear or 1 Yellow & 1 Blue Bear.

ABOUT THE PARTY: Even before Ron & Matan arrived, their father, a caterer, was already planning a huge celebration for their bris. Bringing home not one, but TWO little boys is a lot of work, so the twin's great aunt and grandmother took over the party planning (...except the food). The bris was held in the parent's synagogue and was attended by 86 guests. There were two long buffet tables with a round in between for the main course and a dessert buffet. There were 2 additional round tables for drinks and gifts, and 13 tables of 8 for guest seating.

HOW THEY SET TO CELEBRATE: "When we first went out to the party stores to see what was available for decorations, we saw a lot of baby shower designs and some Jewish themed items, but nothing that really was for a baby party that was also a Jewish celebration. We were really surprised when we found actual "Bris" decorations on Set To Celebrate.

We loved all the bris centerpieces bris decorations that Set To Celebrate had, but it was such a mitzvah to have twins that we really wanted a centerpiece that was about the twins. We called Set To celebrate and spoke to Joanne. She sent us a picture of their new design for a twin bris diaper cake centerpiece (Twin Bris Bear Diaper Cake - Table Topper Package $68.00 - Available Upon Request). It was perfect and beyond adorable with the knit yarmulkes on the bears. The fact that it was also a gift that the parents could take home and use; with diapers, baby socks, baby wash cloths, and the teddy bears made it even better.

Joanne suggested the "Baby Bear Balloon Holders" (15 Baby Bear Balloon Holders - Table Topper Package $14.99 each with balloons and table sprinkles) for the 13 guest tables - the price was right and the balloons on all the tables really made the room festive. We got 2 extra centerpieces for the beverage and gift tables and extra Teddy Bear & Jewish Star Table Sprinkles for the buffet tables (Teddy Bear & Star Table Sprinkles - $1.85 per/pkg). Joanne sent us some great tips for setting up the buffet table, and we used some of the table sprinkles/confetti in clear glass vases, mixed with glass beads for the forks, knives & spoons (see photo above).

We chose the most inexpensive tableware options available, and Joanne suggested mixing the powder blue and baby blue plates, napkins & cups. It was beautiful and reasonable. We really expected to spend much more. The round paper tablecloths were great quality, and it was nice to be able to have color on the tables without having to rent linens (Round Paper Tablecloths - $3.99 each). It turned out that the boys' father did not realize that we were getting tableclothes and had white paper tablecloths on all the tables when we got there. We put the blue over them and it was a really nice look with the blue overlaid.

The big hit of the party, beside the twins, was the "Mazel Tov" Banner with the pictures of the boys and of the parents as babies. We put an extra picture in the center of their father holding them right after the birth with the proudest, most wonderful smile on his face. (Mazel Tov Photo banner with extra photo divider - $14.50). Everyone went up to the banner and was looking to see who the boys looked like. It is now hanging in their room."

Additional Items: 3 Powder Blue, Poly-Lined Paper Tablecloths for the buffet tables (54 x 108) - $10.47; 5 Pkgs of Powder Blue Lunch Plates (24 per/pkg) - $17.45; 5 Pkgs of Powder Blue Dessert Plates (24 per/pkg) - $14.95; 3 Pkgs of Baby Blue Lunch Napkins (50 per/pkg) - $10.47; 5 Pkgs of Baby Blue Hot/Cold Cups (24 per/pkg) - $17.45; 5 Pkgs of Powder Blue Forks (24 per/pkg) - $14.50; 3 Pkgs of Powder Blue Knives (24 per/pkg) - $7.47; 3 Pkgs of Powder Blue Spoons(24 per/pkg) - $7.47

TOTAL SET TO CELEBRATE COST (For 86 Guests): $478.53

WHAT TO BUY (and some other things you may like). If you see something in the party pictures that you don't see on the website, CALL or E-MAIL US ( or 646-383-8497)! It may be in development and not yet up on the website:

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