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"Eli is 2!" - Butterfly Garden Party"Eli is 2!" - Butterfly Garden Party"Eli is 2!" - Butterfly Garden Party"Eli is 2!" - Butterfly Garden Party"Eli is 2!" - Butterfly Garden Party"Eli is 2!" - Butterfly Garden Party"Eli is 2!" - Butterfly Garden Party"Eli is 2!" - Butterfly Garden Party
"Eli is 2!" - Butterfly Garden Party
Butterfly Garden is a new party design from Set To Celebrate and makes a beautiful Butterfly Baby Shower or Butterfly Birthday Party with a butterfly centerpiece and butterfly table sprinkles - See our Centerpieces Section (in "Baby Shower Centerpieces for Girls") to order these butterfly party supplies! You can also call us at 646-383-8497 or email at to SPEAK WITH A PARTY PLANNER FOR FREE for help with ideas for your butterfly themed party!

ABOUT THE PARTY: For Eliana's 2nd birthday, her grandparents were hosting a barbecue for 25 family and friends at their home in Connecticut. Eli is a sweet and happy little girl, so her mother wanted her party to be sweet and very "little girl". Since Eli's two favorite colors are pink and lavender this seemed like the perfect combination for the party. The plan was appetizers and seating outside on the patio with the lunch & dessert buffets in the dining room.

HOW THEY SET TO CELEBRATE: "I went on Set To Celebrate's website for a photo banner - I had seen one at a friend's party and it was wonderful. I called to ask if I could get lavender and pink since they did not show that color combination, and spoke to Jaclynn. She told me that they had just finished a prototype for a new butterfly baby shower in pink and lavender that would make a wonderful birthday party and she sent me some photos. I was so excited when I saw them - it was exactly what I wanted."

"The decorations were amazing - everywhere you looked; in the house, out on the patio, there were sweet pink and lavender butterflies flying around on the balloon strings. We had a Butterfly Balloon Centerpiece & Table Decor Package (Centerpiece with 3 latex balloons with butterfly ribbons & butterfly table sprinkles (Set To Celebrate's custom confetti) – $16.95). The "Flying Butterfly" Table Sprinkles included 3 large double butterflies and small butterflies which looked fantastic on the table. We ordered 4 more packages for the various tables (“Flying Butterfly” Table Sprinkles – 4.75 per pkg with Personalized Butterfly Table Sprinkles) and 3 “Flying Butterflies” Balloon Bouquets (Flying Butterflies Balloon Bouquets with 3 Balloons - $3.00). On the buffet table we had a Pink Buffet Basket (Medium Pink Buffet Basket - $18.50) for the bread and rolls and tied one of the balloon bouquets to it – it was wonderful. It was like another centerpiece! Set To Celebrate also sent wonderful ideas for setting our buffet table and we used some of the butterfly confetti in a glass vase with glass beads that we got at AC Moore, the crafts store, for the silverware."

“For tableware I ordered 3 Pink & Lavender Tableware Packages for 10 guests which included: 10 Classic Pink Lunch and Dessert Plates, 15 Lavender Lunch and Beverage Napkins, 10 Lavender Hot/Cold Cups, 10 sets of Pink Forks/Knives/Spoons. (Pink & Lavender 10 Guest Tableware Package – $8.75). I ordered 1 package of 24 Pink Plastic Cups (24 Classic Pink Plastic Cups - 3.49) for cold drinks and 1 package of Plastic Forks for dessert (Classic Pink Plastic Forks – Package of 24 - $2.49) and we had all the tableware we needed and a little extra. We used 3 Classic Pink Poly-Lined Tablecloths – 1 on the buffet table, 1 and a half on the picnic table outside and the other half on a card table outside (Pink Poly Lined Tablecloths - $3.49). The poly-lined was much nicer than plastic to sit at, and although a spill shows, it does not run over the side and into someone’s lap.”

"What can I say about the “Eli is 2!” Photo Banner. Everyone raved about it, and Eli loved seeing her picture even if she can’t read her name yet! (1 Custom Photo Banner with 7 Letters/Characters and 6 photo Dividers - $19.00). We couldn’t decide which pictures to use so we used 2 of the three of us, 1 of Eli & Mommy, 1 of Eli and Daddy and 3 of just Eli. It was perfect.”

TOTAL SET TO CELEBRATE COST (For 25 Guests): $117.80

PARTY CHATTER: "It was absolutely beautiful – I have never seen anything like the butterfly balloons." Eli’s Grandma, Wallingford, CT

"Hee, Hee, Hee." - Eli, the birthday girl, upon seeing her pictures in the banner, Boston, MA

SCHEDULE, ACTIVITIES & MENU Guests came for hors d'oeuvres at 4 pm and the BBQ started at 5:00.


Hors D'oeuvres: Roasted Pepper and Tomato & Basil Bruschetta, BBQ’d Shrimp & Chicken Skewers with Peanut Sauce, Cheeses & Crackers, and Crudite.

Main Course: Hamburgers & Hot Dogs; Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Grilled Blue Fish, Wheat Berry and Barley Salad, Tossed Salad and Homemade Mac & Cheese.

Dessert: Elmo Birthday Cake, cookies and Carved Watermelon with Watermelon & Cantaloupe Balls mixed with Fresh Mint.

Drinks: Sodas, Beer and Wine - Coffee with Dessert.

Special Touch - Carved Watermelon Dessert: "The watermelon basket with Eli’s name carved in it was so beautiful I didn't want to throw it out. My sister-in-law traced one of the butterflies from the party decorations onto pieces of watermelon rind and used toothpicks to secure them to the band of the basket. She mixed watermelon and cantaloupe balls with fresh chopped mint. It was beautiful and delicious!”

WHAT TO BUY (and some other things you may like). If you see something in the party pictures that you don't see on the website, CALL or E-MAIL US ( or 646-383-8497)! It may be in development and not yet up on the website:

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