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Country Club Bris (Golf Blankie Bear Theme)

Country Club Bris (Golf Blankie Bear Theme)Country Club Bris (Golf Blankie Bear Theme)Country Club Bris (Golf Blankie Bear Theme)Country Club Bris (Golf Blankie Bear Theme)Country Club Bris (Golf Blankie Bear Theme)
Country Club Bris (Golf Blankie Bear Theme)
ABOUT THE PARTY: The Bris took place at the grandparent's country club in Westchester, New York. There were about 60 guests for the ceremony and luncheon, with 6 guest tables of 10, a luncheon buffet and a dessert buffet.

HOW THEY SET TO CELEBRATE: “We used the Golf Bris Bear Diaper Cake at the entrance of the room, which was also the dessert table (Centerpiece & Table Decor Package - $78.00). It was placed it on a riser covered with two of the same blue napkins that were used on the tables, and then the blue tulle underlay that came with the package was placed over the napkins. The Rose Petal & Star Table Sprinkles were spread around to complete the look - beautiful."

"The Club used their china and linens on the guest tables and there were Golf Bris Bear Cake Toppers with Rose Petal and Star Table Sprinkles on each Centerpiece & Table Decor Package - $48.00). We also used the Rose Petal and Star Table Sprinkles on the buffet tables which really brought the room together (3 Pkgs at $2.00 each)."

"Wine and soda were being served as the guests arrived, and we used the Blue Gingham Beverage Napkins (4 pkgs of 20 at $4.95 each) instead of the club’s beverage napkins – it was a nice touch. To top it off, in the bathrooms we used the Blue Gingham Guest Towels (4 pkgs of 15 at $5.95 each).”


PARTY CHATTER: "I can't believe how beautiful and different the decorations were. We have done many parties in this room, but this was really special. We were thrilled." - The Grandmother, Westchester, NY


11:30 Passed wine and soft drinks as guests arrived.

12:15 Ceremony

12:45 Buffet Lunch: Salads – Tossed Baby Greens, Egg Salad, Tuna Salad, Cucumber Salad & a Grilled Vegetable Tray; Carving Station with Brisket & Turkey accompanied by horseradish and cranberry sauces; Omelet Station (3 cheese and mushroom omelet combo was outstanding!); Fruit Blintzes (crepes) and Challah French Toast with warm syrup.

Dessert: Carved Fruit Tray, Chocolate Chip Cookies & Cake

Party Pleaser Recipe: Challah French Toast

1 Loaf Challah Bread cut in 1.5 inch slices

6 Eggs

¼ Cup Heavy Cream

1 tsp of Cinnamon

Beat eggs, cream and cinnamon in a deep bowl. Put bread into bowl one piece at a time making sure egg gets onto both sides of bread. Move the bottom bread (first pieces you put in to the top of the bowl. Allow all the bread to sit in the bowl until the eggs get absorbed and all the bread is nicely saturated - about 5 minutes. Heat skillet and melt butter or margarine. Make sure skillet is not too hot or you will burn the outside of the bread before the inside cooks. Cook bread until each side is nicely brown and french toast is puffy. Serve with warm maple syrup.

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