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Shari's Baby Shower  (Blankie Bear Diaper Cake)

Shari's Baby Shower  (Blankie Bear Diaper Cake)Shari's Baby Shower  (Blankie Bear Diaper Cake)Shari's Baby Shower  (Blankie Bear Diaper Cake)
Shari's Baby Shower (Blankie Bear Diaper Cake)
ABOUT THE PARTY: Shari’s Shower took place in her sister’s New York City apartment. It was a cozy buffet brunch with 10 friends and family.

HOW THEY SET TO CELEBRATE: “We wanted to keep it simple so we limited our decorations to the buffet area. Before we discovered Set To Celebrate we purchased a banner and some plates, napkins and cups. We got the Blankie Bear Diaper Cake (Centerpiece & Table Decor Package - $72.00) and a Powder Blue Tablecloth ($3.49). The centerpiece with the Tulle Underlay and Bear & Bow Table Sprinkles were just enough to give the room a touch of baby without going overboard. The balloons added a little festivity and even when you left the dining room, the balloons were always visible floating in the background. For fun, we got a package of PeePee-TeePees ($6.00 for 4) and put one under the bear's blanket.”


PARTY CHATTER: "You don't always need to do a lot to get that "party" feeling. The decorations made it very much baby shower/little boy but were not overwhelming.” Guest comment


11:00 Brunch

12:30 Gift Opening

1:00 Dessert

MENU: Bagels & Cream Cheese, Muffins, Whitefish Salad, Tuna Salad, Egg Salad, Fruit Salad – Cakes, Cookies and Crispy Crème Donuts for Dessert.

BEST GIFTS: The "PeePee-TeePees" got a laugh, but if you have ever been in the line of fire while changing a little boy, you realize that they are actually a really practical gift!

Instead of a wishing well, Shari’s sister bought her a laundry basket and got a clothes line and clothes pins. Everyone brought a piece of little boy clothing to hang on the clothes line. The line was put into the laundry basket with all the clothes on it with one end hanging out. It was a lot of fun to watch Shari’s face as she pulled the clothes line out with the long stream of clothes attached!

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