About Us

One weekend when Jaclynn was home from college she went to her grandparent’s for breakfast. When she arrived the table was set with a beautiful tablecloth, a centerpiece of fruit and fresh ivy, and her Grandmother’s good china and silver. The food was lovingly arrayed on trays and in bowls with sprigs of parsley and other garnish. She turned to her Grandmother and said; “Grandma, why did you do all this? It’s just me.” Her Grandmother gave her a hug and answered; “It is for the most special people in our lives that we should make the biggest effort.”

This love of entertaining, creating special table décor and celebrating even the most simple breakfast was passed down to Jaclynn’s mother, Joanne, and to Jaclynn. In 2005, Joanne was a banquet sales manager for a catering facility in Philadelphia and doing party design on the side; and Jaclynn was working in New York in public relations and doing event planning on the side. Both needed a change.

And so, Set To Celebrate was born because, let’s face it; life for most of us can be stressful, complicated and downright exhausting. As much as we want to do special things for the special people in our lives, no one has the time to run around to the different party and craft stores and pull together all the pieces needed to replicate that fabulous party they saw in a magazine or on TV…and flowers cost a fortune.

So now Joanne and Jaclynn spend their days helping people to celebrate the important events in their lives with beautifully coordinated table décor and special touches that they design themselves or source from around the world - and no one would ever believe that the whole thing came out of one box – unless you told them.

And what is it like for a Mother and Daughter to work together? What could be better than having every phone call and e-mail with your business partner end with “I Love You!” (Well, most of them).

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