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Welcome Tyler Jake! (Choo-Choo Balloon Holder Party)

Welcome Tyler Jake! (Choo-Choo Balloon Holder Party)Welcome Tyler Jake! (Choo-Choo Balloon Holder Party)Welcome Tyler Jake! (Choo-Choo Balloon Holder Party)Welcome Tyler Jake! (Choo-Choo Balloon Holder Party)
Welcome Tyler Jake! (Choo-Choo Balloon Holder Party)
ABOUT THE PARTY: When Tyler Jake came to visit for the first time, his grandparents wanted to do something special to introduce him to some close friends and family. They did not have a lot of space in their New York City apartment, so they decided on a bagel buffet for about 20 people.

HOW THEY SET TO CELEBRATE: “We wanted to add some special touches without going crazy with decorations. We also did not have a lot of space on the buffet table for a big centerpiece. The train balloon holder was perfect and the train table sprinkles were a lovely touch. (Centerpiece & Decor Package-$16.99). We ordered the moire tablecloth which actually looked and felt like fabric and a buffet basket for the bagels (Moire Tablecloth-$9.50 and Small Buffet Basket-$15.50)."

"The fluted Italian lunch and dessert plates were such a nice change from the standard paper options and made the party look that much more special. It was so easy to order, we just got 2 "Party of 12" tableware packages (Fluted Blue & Baby Blue Tableware Package: 12 Lunch Plates, 12 Dessert Plates, 18 Lunch & Beverage Napkins, 12 Hot/Cold Cups, 12 Sets Fork/Knife/Spoon -$23.50), and 1 package of matching plastic cups for juice and sodas (Pkg of 20, 12 oz Plastic Cups - $3.49) and we had enough of everything.

"Our crowning touch was the "Tyler Jake" banner with the trains to match the centerpiece. (Custom Train Banner with 9 characters and an end note-$13.50). Everyone commented on it, and it is now hanging in his room. Adding the end note; "Zachary's Little Brother is Here," made Zach feel like he was also a part of the day. We hung it over the beverage table which had a powder blue tablecloth and more of the Train Sprinkles (Poly-lined Tablecloth-$3.49 and 1 Pkg Train Table Sprinkles-$1.85). The whole room felt very celebratory."


PARTY CHATTER: "We were looking forward to seeing everyone, but the adorable decorations and beautiful plates and tablecloth really made it feel like a special celebration." - Tyler Jake's Mom, Ft. Lauderdale, FL


Guests began arriving at 11:00 and the last guest left at about 3:00. It was a relaxed, enjoyable day.

Menu: 3 Dozen mixed bagels; Plain Cream Cheese and Chive Cream Cheese; Fish Tray with Smoked Salmon, Whitefish Salad, Tomatoes and Red Onions; Tuna Salad and a Fruit Tray.

Dessert: Cookies and Chocolates for Dessert

Drinks: 2 Dunkin' Donuts Coffee Boxes, Orange Juice and Sodas.

Special Touch: Tyler's grandfather opened a special bottle of scotch and offered a toast to his new grandson. Afterward, everyone signed the bottle which will be put away for another major event in his life...Kindergarten Graduation?

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